TSWG Announces Partnership With Prosper Business Solutions

TSWG is pleased to announce a partnership with Prosper Business Solutions.

TSWG today announced that as of the 11th of January 2016, they will be providing Prosper Business Solutions with a range of services including client support, software development, training and sales support.

Prosper Business Solutions clients now have the security of knowing that their systems are backed by TSWG, one of Australia’s oldest Fintech companies with over 30 years dedicated to servicing the financial services sector in Australia and New Zealand. The TSWG team is now extending their service and support to Prosper business partners in the USA.

TSWG have been long term providers of “private cloud” data services to the financial services sector and also provide the NetTeller suite of digital banking products.    TSWG has a team of over 50 staff, a proven management team and a highly skilled team of developers and support staff. With existing synergies and relationships, TSWG are ideally placed to assist Prosper and its clients in achieving a seamless transition to their services.

TSWG CEO Dan Downs said the partnership “reflected the commitment of TSWG to provide innovative and market leading technology to Financial Institutions and enable them to lead the way in the provision of easy to use digital banking products. Coupled with our NetTeller Digital Banking suite and Expresso Onboarding product line the Prosper CRM system will provide informed and timely decisions to today’s banking innovators”.

As substantial shareholders in Prosper Business Solutions, TSWG are committed to the long term and have a vested interest in ensuring Prosper is successful and continues to grow.

About Prosper Business Solutions

Prosper Business Solutions is the creator of Prosper CRM, a proven customer relationship management solution used by close to 100 Financial Institutions worldwide. Prosper CRM provides organisational leaders with a 360 degree view of all customer interaction, products, services and communication; allowing them to service their customer’s needs more efficiently and effectively. Prosper’s high service standards, industry expertise and unrivalled functionality have earned it the reputation as a leading Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) provider to the Financial Services Industry.

As part of the transition to TSWG sales and support services, please note the new contact details for Prosper sales and support:

  • Sales: +617 3640 4800, sales@tswg.com.au
  • Support: +617 3640 4800 (option 1), servicedesk@tswg.com.au
More About Prosper
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