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Streamline and automate the loan and account originations process with Expresso.

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Customer Onboarding & Originations

Expresso Originations is a configurable multi-channel product origination and workflow platform that provides a simplified, paperless account opening and lending experience. The platform offers tailored forms for multiple account opening scenarios, including transactional accounts and other banking products. Complete end-to-end customer onboarding and product origination for loans and credit applications is integrated with electronic identity verification and credit scoring to maximise efficiency and reduce processing errors. The platform will also allow your institution to automate business and decisioning processes for mortgage origination, from application capture to customer acceptance and final approval.

Expresso Loan Application

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Take your customers out of the marketplace with a complete end-to-end, paperless solution for originations, onboarding & loan applications.

Real-time application approvals facilitated by electronic identity verification remove the need to visit a branch. Your customer is then captured and taken out of the marketplace, decreasing the chance of customer & prospect attrition and increasing the customer experience.

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