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Let your customers do what they want to do, when they want to do it.

Digital Play Mobile App

Give your customers access to their accounts on the run with an intuitive & secure mobile banking app.

The Digital Play Mobile App is a secure mobile banking solution that extends the banking experience for your existing and new customers. We tailor the user-experience of your banking application to ensure every interaction is fast and intuitive. The Digital Play Mobile App offers a wide range of banking services, ensuring that your customers can manage their banking on the go.

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Provide added security & let your customers log-in without a password.

of mobile phone users worry about the security of accessing financial data on their mobile device.

Give your customers peace of mind with optional biometric security integration to make logging in as simple and secure as possible.

Don’t let security concerns stop your customers and potential customers from banking online. With biometric security integration, your customers have the choice of traditional PIN code access or the added security of TouchID.

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