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We create a safe, simple & secure digital banking experience for your customers.

In 1988, TSWG was founded as The System Works. We may have looked a lot different back then than we do today, but the core of our commitment – being a reliable and trusted technology partner – will never change. Today TSWG is committed to providing knowledge based services and technology solutions that help financial institutions connect with their existing and new customers. We are proud of our journey of innovation and of our promise to help guide our customers’ journey to digital.

TSWG provides market leading internet and mobile banking solutions, omni-channel originations and workflow platforms and professional services. Our agility stems from nearly three decades of collaborating with our clients. Our people are at the core of our ability to understand, explore and serve the financial services market. We always strive to build great financial services solutions that save people time for the things that matter.

Our Valued Clients

We pride ourselves on understanding your customers as well as you do & develop our solutions with this in mind.

Digital Banking

Digital Banking

Discover how TSWG’s digital banking solutions can give your institution a competitive advantage.

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Account & Loan Origination

Account & Loan Origination

Discover how TSWG’s digital originations suite can simplify your institution’s processes.

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Cloud Hosting & Managed Services

TSWG Services

Discover how TSWG’s cloud & professional services ensure guaranteed performance.

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