We create a safe, simple & secure digital banking experience for your customers.

TSWG is an Australian fintech services company providing digital banking solutions, digital customer on-boarding and lending platforms, and managed network and hosting services that give our clients’ a competitive advantage.

TSWG develops highly-configurable digital solutions that improve our clients’ productivity and efficiencies, increase their market share and provide them with the unique opportunity to consolidate and aggregate their IT Infrastructure cost-effectively. Working in collaboration with our customers ensures the development of final solutions and services that reflect their institutions goals, adapt to their budget and satisfy their customers’ demands.

Founded in 1988 The System Works Group now has over 50 staff and focuses on the financial market comprising banks, mutual banks and credit unions, building societies and incorporated associations. After many years of focus and commitment to this market, we have developed a deep understanding of the unique needs of the financial services sector and combine technical solutions with pragmatic deployments that work today and into the future.

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We pride ourselves on understanding your customers as well as you do & develop our solutions with this in mind.

Digital Banking

Digital Banking

Discover how TSWG’s digital banking solutions can give your institution a competitive advantage.

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Account & Loan Origination

Account & Loan Origination

Discover how TSWG’s digital originations suite can simplify your institution’s processes.

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Cloud Hosting & Managed Services

TSWG Services

Discover how TSWG’s cloud & professional services ensure guaranteed performance.

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